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Who hasn’t heard of the Incredible Hulk? He is one of the best known of all Marvel characters (and that’s saying something!) and became famous through several films and games. But you can take your love for the character one step further through ‘Hulk’ UFABETเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์ the online game which is based on the famous 2003 motion picture featuring this hero (or rather, antihero). If you have any qualms about the quality of the game, put your fears to rest because this online video game sequel has been formulated by Radical Amusement and been printed by Vivendi Universal Games and Universal Interactive.

Hulk is an unusually well wrought game and has some pretty decent graphics to compliment, an already extremely popular concept and well known story line. Perhaps it might have been more interesting to have a huge online multiplayer game, but that depends entirely on the gamers’ preferences – maybe you love multiplayer games so much that you want this one to be multiplayer too, or you are so sick of the concept that this game is a breath of fresh air.

Moving on the game itself, it is set around eight years after the event of the movie takes place (this isn’t explicitly mentioned but it can be deduced from the fact that Bruce Banner says that his time in South America was like a mere holiday.) You’ll know that you’re playing a game based on the incredible Hulk because the game starts with a dream sequence where Dr. Bruce transforms into the Hulk and starts powdering huge numbers of soldiers who were sent to attack him. Once the dreamer (Bruce Banner) wakes up he hears from his mentor Dr. Crawford who tells him that he has a cure for Gamma Orb (another Hulk). The story line kicks off into the game when military troops, led by Basic John Ryker, raid the lab.

Once in the lab, Dr. Banner finds out that Normal Ryker has a dire need to get the Gamma Orb which has been stolen. So Bruce contacts Dr. Crawford and allows him to use the Gamma Orb on him. In the characteristic twist of the tale, Crawford goes on to steal the Hulk’s vitality and ends up by absorbing some of the Hulk’s abilities himself when he touches the orb and transforms himself into a kind of Hulk which is called Ravage. While this happens, Banner also transforms into a Hulk. This Hulk is what you will be playing as.

Just so that the game is not spoilt for you, we’ll jump straight to the ending. You can decipher the game on your own. So moving on to the finish, the Hulk will be cured using the Gamma Orb. Bruce (ever the humanitarian) gives up and touches the Orb himself and turns into the Hulk, to beat the Leader in spite of a barrage of psychic attacks to save the humans in his army. Finally the Leader teleports himself away just as the New Freehold begins to collapse while the Hulk does the same and meets his last opponent – Madman. Once she is defeated, he teleports himself to safety.

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