Instagram Feed Planning

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Instagram feed planning is a big part of any Instagram strategy, whether you’re using it as a marketing tool for a brand or publishing your own daily content. As much as individual content holds weight your Instagram feed is the first impression your audience sees while looking at your profile and deciding to follow you. Everyone from Marketing Managers to Micro Bloggers will tell you that Instagram feed planning is the key to consistently publishing content, saving time and streamlining your Instagram strategy. And that’s why we think no matter what the end goal, if you’re using your Instagram to gain exposure, or even just as a pastime Instagram feed planning is so important.


Instagram Feed Planning Tips

Pre-Plan Your Content

Melon Stats_Instagram Feed Planning_PrePlan Content

Anyone who regularly publishes on Instagram, like say daily, will probably tell you their secret is pre-planning their content, and when it comes to Instagram feed planning that secret couldn’t be more golden. If you want to begin Instagram feed planning to design an aesthetically pleasing Instagram feed you’re going to want a good streamline of content to work with in order to do so. As you get into Instagram feed planning you’ll start to realize that not every piece of content you want to publish next is going to work overall in your feed. That is why having an arsenal of content at your disposal to work with is the first step to planning your dream Instagram feed.


Pick A Consistent Edit/Theme

Melon Stats_Instagram Feed Planning_Feed Theme

Do you sit there and wonder how these people dedicate all this time to Instagram feed planning so much so that their feeds are total cohesive perfection? Well the truth is most of tht is due to a consistent edit or theme the person is using on their content before publishing. Apps like VSCO and Afterlight are an Instagrammer’s dream when it comes to Instagram feed planning thanks to their almost unlimited edits and pre-made themes you can use to edit your pictures before posting them to Instagram. It’s important in order for this to work that you use the same edit and theme on every picture otherwise the feed won’t fit together overall.


Use A Feed Planning Tool

Melon Stats_Instagram Feed Planning_Feed Planning

A great way to make sure all your pre-planned and edited content fits together is by using a Feed Planning Tool. Anyone who practices Instagram feed planning probably uses some sort of tool to layout their posts before publishing. With any of our subscription options here at Melon Stats, we make Instagram feed planning a dream with our feed planner feature that gives you a grid view of future posts so you can pre-arrange your content. And unlike other Instagram feed planning tools available, we have a range of analytics and detailed reports to help build your audience, grow your engagement and get the content your followers want to see published.


Plan In Advance

Melon Stats_Instagram Feed Planning_Plan In Advance

The best way for any plan to work, is for it to be made in advance and it’s no different when it comes to Instagram feed planning. Everyone has their own content schedule, be it planning a full year in advance, 6 months or even just a few weeks. When you’re planning the content to be published on your feed we recommend you work at least 6 to 9 posts out so you can get a better sense of how your feed is going to look as it progresses, and also gives room for any changes in content, say a post needing to be delayed or moved up.

Balance Your Content

Melon Stats_Instagram Feed Planning_Balance Your Content

A big reason why many swear by Instagram feed planning is to attract an audience as they look at your profile in hopes to convert them into followers. Once you capture their attention, you need to hold onto it and these days with the age of quick media and millennials taking over, it’s harder than ever. That’s why when you are Instagram feed planning, it’s important to keep balance in mind when going through your content and picking what to publish. No one wants to continuously see selfies and your cereal bowl day to day, but mixing it in with outfit pictures, street shots and other types of content is a sure way to keep your feed balanced and audience interested.


Instagram Content Planning

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Instagram content planning can help take the stress out of using Instagram, especially if it’s for your small business or freelance work. It truthfully takes a lot of time to run an Instagram account growing a following, following up on account activity and of course creating content. Many big brands and businesses are lucky to have a team of many people who focus on every detail from photography and editing to an intern in charge of posting and replying to comments. But if you’re a small business owner, blogger or just an avid Instagram user it’s probably just you, or a team of few. Instagram content planning can help take a lot of the effort out of what seems to be endless work, and organize it neatly into the rest of your life.


You can make Instagram content planning as elaborate or minimal as you choose, it really depends on your working style and how devoted you are to Instagram. Using a few or all of these Instagram content planning tips can help get you started on the right track.


Instagram Content Planning Tips

1. Build A Schedule

Melon Stats_Instagram Content Planning_Schedule

The first step to any Instagram content planning is coming up with a schedule that you are planning to follow for posting. Whether you choose to post a few times a week, or a day it’s important that you schedule everything into either a calendar or project management tool like Monday to keep things organized. From there, you want to build out deliverable dates such as when your content should be finished and of course when posting is due.


2. Leverage Holidays & Events

Melon Stats_Instagram Content Planning_Holidays

A great way to make coming up with content easy is leveraging holidays and events something many due with Instagram content planning. Start by thinking of key dates such as New Year’s, Mother’s Day and Spring Break and see which ones fit your brand or niche. Instagram content planning for foodies for example might include key dates like National Hamburger Day, while retailers might want to focus on shopping seasons like Black Friday and Back to School.


3. Make Content Templates

Melon Stats_Instagram Content Planning_Templates

Another way to simplify Instagram content planning is coming up with content templates that you can easy access and edit as needed. Some Instagram pages use quotes while accounts selling products might want to share graphics with sales or promotions mixed in with photos and videos. Other Instagram accounts strictly use colour coordinated graphics that take out the need for photographers and editing, but does require some basic graphic design skills.


4. Use A Feed Planner

Melon Stats_Instagram Content Planning_Feed Planning

Once you have all your content streamlined, being able to plan it into your feed is a big help with Instagram content planning. That’s where we come in with our Feed Planner tool, available with all Melon Stats subscriptions. Being able to place your content into your feed in advance allows you some scheduling abilities, something Instagram doesn’t allow to be done automatically, and let you see what your feed looks like before things are published.  


5. Save Caption Templates

Melon Stats_Instagram Content Planning_Captions

A quick and easy tip we love to include when talking about Instagram content planning is writing out a template for your caption. Many people like to have a basic template they use including hashtag placement and any tags within the caption and that consistency helps their audience know where to find key information within the caption. Instead of wasting time re-writing captions, templates can save you that little bit of time.