Baby Sleep Routine – Three Essential Bed Time Activities for Your Baby Sleep Needs

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Bed time activities are a focal point of all of your baby sleep activities. They are an essential part of your baby bedding process and if bad done, your own sleep will suffer.

Bed time activities have the purpose to help you transition your baby from daytime play to a calm night. If you are not adopting this kind of strategy, probably you are losing a lot of precious time in getting your baby sleep in lit cododo kinderkraft.

Essential Bed Time activities

Clothing, bathing and communicating are three very important areas you should address with your baby when designing bed time activities.

Applying these activities in a consistent way will set the stage for a pre-ritual that will ease you real baby bedding ritual.

1) Clothes

Clothes are one of the most important comforts to seek for bed time activities. If your baby isn’t comfortable in her clothes, you can’t expect she’s going to sleep well all night.

Find a nice pajama she likes and make a ritual wearing the pajama. A soft and warm contact will increase the intimacy between you and your baby.

2) Bath

Bathing is probably the second most important bed time activity you can set up. Bath is a very intimate contact with your baby and reinforces your intimacy.

You can understand that in the first months of your baby life is very important to make this a relaxing and pleasant time for her (but also for you) .

3) Communication

Don’t underestimate the power of talking with your baby in a quiet and darkened room.
Communication is essential to transmit warm and love and this will put your baby in a comfortable mood.

Follow Uniqueness

Remember that your baby is unique, so even your bed time activities have to be unique. They have to agree with your baby temperament but for sure you’ll be able to understand what will work only by trying. Just try different things at bedtime to see what works for you and your baby.

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